Living In The World Of The Maze Runner

The_Maze_Runner_coverI think it would be interesting to live in the world of The Maze Runner by James Dashner. You could neither a glader or be a part of wicked or even one the infected people with the flare. But if chose I would be a glader because just waking up in elevator that is going up and not remembering anything but your name and being put to work just to survive would be a interesting experience. Then being pulled from the elevator and seeing all these boys that are about your age. They are all calling you names because your the new person from the box.

After the first day of being there they have one other glader show around the glade and show you all the jobs that you can pick from. Then after that you just pick a job and then you talk to overseer of the job and he explains how to do it. The next day you are put to work and the entire time just hope that one day somebody will find the way out.

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