If I Worked As Hard At School As I Do Soccer

english-soccer-viewers-will-get-watch-live-games-new-ways-from_893052If I was worked as hard as i do at soccer, I would never forget to do my homework and I would get all A’s on my worksheets and on my grades. But I would make a few mistakes here and there I would have every concept, paper, and book memorized. I would never miss a school day because I never miss any of my soccer games. I still go to my soccer games even when I’m sick I don’t play but I still go to them. I don’t have to play the game to be there at the game to watch my team play.

I sigh up for soccer when ever there is a league I can play in. I play soccer no matter what. I stayed in after I got tackled by a kid on the other team while I was trying to score. Slide tackling isn’t even allowed during the game and the referees didn’t even call it. when the kid tackled me I fell on my leg and I hurt it and then he wasn’t looking were he was going and tripped and fell on the same leg. I still played the rest of the quarter and scored one more goal after that. That means if I would not give up on something I didn’t understand I would give my best effort.

I would hate to miss school because I hate to miss soccer practice. I still want to go even if I was sick but I’m not allowed to. When my dad cancels it because it’s to wet I get mad. Soccer practice was the only thing I looked forward to when ever I had soccer practice. I would also have at school because I always had fun at practice and the games most of the time.





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