Rugby is a sport that started in England. Now rugby is a sport that is played all over the world including Argentina, Australia, France, Ireland, and even here in the United States. I don’t know that much on rugby so I decided to do some research on it. The only thing I know on rugby is that it’s a lot like football and is more dangerous.

Rugby started in 1823 when a football player at Rugby School disagreed with the rules of football in England. Also when a coach introduced to another school people thought that the entire football team was fighting they came to break it up but they were just playing rugby. Rugby is like football but it has its differences such as you can run with the ball then kick at anytime while you have the ball.

The rules and scoring can be hard to understand. There are allowed 15 players on a team and 7 substitutes. The only thing you can wear for rugby is shirt, shorts, boots, and minimal padding, but that is the players choice. There are two forty minute halves and a maximum of a 10 minute halftime. When the rules are broken the game does not stop you continue to play. The way you score points is tries, penalty goals, and drop goals. To keep injuries to a minimum the players must play fair and not foul. There are lots of other rules but that would take a long time to put into this post some if you want to more go to That link will take you to a rugby blog.


I have a lot of favorite places and things. My most favorite thing is architecture. When I was in 6th grade I liked to learn about how cultures made their buildings and what they used to make the architectural features. In 7th grade I still enjoy learning what architectural features influence us today. I also enjoy finding out how the helped the building. An example is if it helped support of the building or was just for decoration.

The cultures that I like to learn about the most is Greece and Rome. Greece had many architectural features such as columns and pediment. The pediment is a triangle that is near the top of the building that helps support the roof of the building. The Greeks used three different types of columns Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. Doric looks very plain, Ionic has swirls on the top of the column, and Corinthian has what almost looks like leaves on the top of the column.

Rome is the other culture that I enjoy learning about, has some amazing architectural features. Rome’s architectural features have a big impact on us today. Rome architectural features are arches, domes, and vaults. The arch is curved and can support more weight then columns. Domes are normally used for roofs. They look like half spheres on top of a building. The dome is also used to support the rest of the building because it is very light compared to other roofs. Vaults are curved ceilings made of lots of arches. Architecture is my most favorite thing.

The Pumpkin Show

One event I take part in every year is The Circleville Pumpkin show. This event started in 1903 in October. It starts on the third Wednesday of October and continues till that Saturday of that week. It brings people from all over Ohio. It started out as a small street fair and grow to something much bigger. When it first started it covered 3 blocks and now it covers 8 blocks. Now it has rides, places to eat, etc. It is also a showcase for products of farmers and other people who want to show off their product. Everyday there is a certain parade that happens on that day. It could be at midday, later that afternoon or at night.  My personal favorite parade is the parade of bands. They also hold little competition like events such as growing the heaviest pumpkin. This event happens every year and it attracts many people to participate. Most of the pumpkins way over a thousand pounds. Since the pumpkin show does not charge an entrance fee it has been known as the greatest free show on earth.

There are at least 23,000 pumpkin pies and over 100,000 pumpkin donuts sold during the four days. There are more than 100,000 pounds of pumpkins, squash and gourds on display on a long row of tables. A local bakery known as Lindsey’s Bakery makes a big pumpkin pie that is 6 ft in diameter and weighs over 400 pounds. This is a great event to go to. When I lived in Indiana my parents and I still came down here to visit my grandparents and to go to The Pumpkin Show. This is an event that I participate in almost every year.

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My Blog Audit

I did my audit on my blog and this a post on it. I wrote a total of 14 post on school, of my own interest, and post set by the challenge. I wrote 1 school based post and 14 post set by the student blogging challenge and 1 of my own interest . All together I got a total amount of 29 comments. I got 5 from my classmates 1 from a teacher and 23 from people overseas. The post that received the most comments was my first post my all about me post which got a total of 8 comments 7 from overseas and 1 from a teacher. I think this post got the most comments because I think people liked reading about me and my interest. The post I enjoyed writing the most was the Week 9 Challenge post which you had to write a post on a global issue. The global issue I decided to write about was on poverty around the world. The reason I enjoyed this so much was I got to express my feelings on poverty. I only have 4 widget and I think this is not enough because I have seen a lot of people with a lot of widgets on their blog.  I have a total amount of 3 overseas blogs on my blogroll. The web tools that I used to show creativity on my blog was Quiz Revolution, Flag Counter, Cluster Map, and Google Slides. I also had somebody review my blog and I asked them 4 question. The first question was what their first impression on my blog and the answers was that it was nice. The second question was what captured your attention and the answer was my World Poverty post. The third question was what distracted you and the answer was the ink at the corner of each of my post. The last question was what suggestions can you give me to improve my blog and the answer was add more pictures and make it more holiday themed. That was my audit on my blog.

Poverty A Growing Issue

world-povertyPoverty is a growing issue around the world on every continent of the Earth. At least 80% of the Earth’s population lives in poverty to this day¹. If nobody does anything about it then that number will keep getting higher and higher. That 80% live on less then $10 a day to support their family and $10 dollars in some countries can get you very little¹. Some of these people live on less then $10. 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty which you make less than $1.25 a day¹. Most people say that if we can solve world hunger we can solve poverty and I strongly agree with this.

   A majority of the population of people who live in poverty are children. Just about 22,000 children die each day because they live in poverty. A lot of the children die from diseases most of them water related¹. Also about 27 to 28 percent of children are underweight or stunted¹. Stunted means that your body prevents you from growing or developing properly because of the lack of food and nutrients that your body needs to grow. A group called Millennium Development Goals is trying to halve the population of underweight and stunted children¹.

Another problem of poverty is lack of drinking water that is clean and healthy for people to drink. Just about  1.1 billion people have an inadequate source of drinking water and 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation¹. Almost two out of three people who don’t have access to clean water live on just $2 a day and one-third of that live on $1 a day¹. Also access to water that is pumped into a household averages about 85% of the wealthiest (20% of the population) and 25% of the poorest get pumped water in their household (20% of the population also)¹. I wish more people would realize how much of world is suffering from poverty and try to solve this growing global issue.


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Count Out Three

The first blog I visited was a person named Kolton on his blog which is called Kel’s Blog. I commented on his post on about three places to visit in Pennsylvania. The reason I commented on this post is because I have been to Pennsylvania but I never went to the places he recommended to go to. The three places he recommended to go to was The Hershey Company, Gettysburg, and the Liberty Mountain Resort. The next time I go to Pennsylvania I will try to go to these places. Here is a URL to his blog:

The second blog I visited was a person named Chester on his blog which is called CGP’s Blog. I commented on a post on how he prepares and celebrates Christmas. He said that his family get up early so that they can decorate their tree and put up all the decoration. He also said what he does when it is Christmas Day. I liked this post because I do a lot of the same things he does to celebrate Christmas. Here is a URL to his blog:

The last blog I commented on was a person named Dominic on his blog which is called DMZ’s Blogs. I commented on his Veterans Day post. In this post he said who his hero was explained why his parents are his heroes. I agreed with him when he said that everyone should have at least one hero in their life. Here is a URL to his blog:

My Dream Once I Get Out Of School

Once your are out of school you have to make a big decision in your life. This one big decision is what career you want to have. The career that I want when I graduate is to be an architect. I want to be an architect because I enjoy looking at unnatural looking buildings. I also like making strange buildings with legos. This all started in 4th grade when I got into buildings and building designs because of this building I saw in kentucky. It started out looking like two buildings then the they came up to points that connected. I was thinking in my head I was wondering who came up with this idea. I also was thinking how hard it was to build this building. I think it is strange how much of  american architecture is influenced by other cultures. I want to travel the world and look at other cultures architecture and see how and why it influences our architecture. Such as how and why does Greek columns and Roman arches influence america’s style of architecture. We use different cultures architecture on many of the U.S. buildings. These buildings include government buildings, memorial buildings, and historic buildings.